Advances to Land Settlers
House Purchase
The Land Settlement (Facilities) Act, 1919, was enacted to encourage the acquisition of land for the purposes of smallholdings, reclamation, and drainage, and to generally facilitate the settlement of land. Persons purchasing land under the provisions of the Act were known as Land Settlers.
Requests for loans to Land Settlers were dealt with by Local Authorities - in the case of Birmingham, by the Agricultural and Small Holdings Committee. This Committee having decided on the merits of all such applications, loans were made to borrowers by the Bank, with the Local Authority guaranteeing the loan. Of the 17 loans made in 1922/23, one was on behalf of Warwickshire County Council.
In the three years ended March 31st 1923, only 31 advances were made by the Bank to Land Settlers; the amounts outstanding at each year-end being as detailed below. By the year 1926/27, all the loans had been repaid.
The amount outstanding at each year-end was shown as an Asset in the Bank's Balance Sheet under 'Land Settlement (Facilities) Act, 1919 - Amount Repayable by Small Holders'. All such balances have been included within House Purchase Advances' figures elsewhere on this website
 Year Ended
March 31st
Advances Made
 Advances Outstanding
 13           1,560    1                              492
 17              920  14                          1,835
   31                          2,180
   16                             827
   11                             431
     7                             183