In March 1920, the Bank had a stand at the National Trades Exhibition in Bingley Hall, Broad Street, Birmingham. Further exhibitions were attended during the rest of the 1920s. The Bank's annual report to the City Council on May 31st 1927 described the British Industries Fair of that year as follows:
The Bank again took part in the Fair in February, 1927, having a stand near to the room used by the Lord Mayor. Considerable attention was devoted to the Bank by visitors to the Fair, particularly by those interested in other Municipalities. On the 22nd February, when the Lord Mayor entertained a large number of civic heads, HRH the Prince of Wales also paid a visit to the Fair, and the civic representatives were presented to the Prince by the Lord Mayor, the Bank stand being used for the purpose.

The Lord Mayor of London (Sir Rowland Blades, MP) also paid a State visit to the Fair, accompanied by his two Sheriffs. Sir Rowland was very much interested in the work of the Bank, and after examining the charts and records, enrolled himself as a depositor.
Another distinguished visitor was the Prime Minister (The Rt Hon Stanley Baldwin, MP), who expressed his appreciation of the success of the Bank, and opened an account.
The Duke of York visited the Bank's stand at the British Industries Fair of 1926, and images record the Bank's attendance at Trade Exhibitions in 1925, 1926, and 1931.
The Bank also took stands at the Ideal Homes Exhibitions during the 1960s; these exhibitions were also held at Bingley Hall. The following two photographs show the Bank's stand at one of these events - probably in 1969, as the stand features the logo that celebrated the Bank's Golden Jubilee.
On the right of the photograph is Alban Clemons, who as the Bank's Development Officer was later to be responsible for overseeing two major projects:
This photograph shows a Saint Bernard's dog with a Home Safe around its neck.
Above the dog is the Bank's Golden Jubilee symbol