Advertising: Newspapers & Magazines
Examples of Bank advertising in Newspapers, Magazines, etc
Two advertisements promoting Wartime saving:
During 1921, the Bank advertised in the Saturday editions of the Birmingham Mail, in a series headed Key Notes. Three examples are shown here, together with some of the other aphorisms that were used in the series.
Two other 1921 advertisements:
(left) Boy Scouts' Magazine; (right) Birmingham YMCA Programme
 - two surprising choices for promoting borrowing
Further newspaper advertising re Mortgages emphasised low rates of interest; no commission; interest charge on monthly balances; and the availability of advances for improvements, etc
Newspaper advertising re Mortgages: March 1935 (left); May 1935 (right) - these notices appeared shortly after the Bank reduced its Interest Rate from 5%. The Bank's claim to make 'Liberal Advances' is disputed by a correspondent to the Birmingham Evening Despatch who states that 'possibly .... valuations .... are too conservative'. The writer states (correctly) that the number of advances made by the Bank have decreased from 990 in 1930, to 537 in 1934. The next three years saw advances numbering 713; 1,284; 1,673.
Shortly after the end of the War, the extended facilities in the Safe Deposit are advertised at rentals of 7/6d to 30/- per annum:
A general advertisement from 1938: