BMB staff serving on the SBI Council
SBI Council Members served for a three year period, and the following BMB staff were known to have served in this capacity. Where available, the biographical notes of Council Members (as printed in the SBI Journal) are reproduced here.
April 1st 1966 to March 31st 1969: G L Boden
Godfrey Boden retired from the Birmingham Municipal Bank on 27 June 1974 after completing forty-eight years service.

His remarkable career began in February 1926 as a junior clerk and his subsequent appointments to branch manager, branch inspector and finally superintendent of branches have shown a man with a conscientious devotion to duty.

He has been an enthusiastic supporter of the Institute since its inception and was elected to the Council in 1966. After his three year term of office on Council, he was co-opted on to the Editorial Committee for a further three years. Mr Boden has also been an officer of the Birmingham branch for many years.

For the past six years he has been an examiner for the Insitute and in this sphere he hopes to continue after retirement.

Those who have read 'Gelbie', under which pen-name he writes articles for the Journal, will know his gentle, witty, style. He is a great lover of literature and from his knowledge and vast reading has acquired an enriched vocabulary.

Foreign travel and photographic art number amongst his hobbies and the many friends he has made throughout the country trust that he will enjoy and fulfil them during a long and happy retirement.
(SBI Journal - July/September 1974)
April 1st 1969 to March 31st 1972: F M Thompson

Frank Malcolm Thompson joined the Staff of the Birmingham Municipal Bank in 1926 and was appointed Branch Manager in 1947 and Inspector in 1965.

During his years on the Staff of the Bank he has acquired a great deal of experience in all facets of the work, being lately responsible for the introduction for the introduction and management of the Current Accounts Department, which is based on a central accounting system.

Mr Thompson is a past Chairman of the Bank's Staff Association, and the present Chairman of the Birmingham Branch of the Savings Banks Institute. He qualified as an Associate of the Institute of Bankers in 1935, subsequently became an Associate of the Savings Banks Institute.

Away from the office Mr Thompson can best be described as a family man deriving great pleasure from the simple things of life. He takes pride in his garden where he spends many happy and relaxing hours.
(SBI Journal - May 1969)
April 1st 1970 to March 31st 1973: H G Corles
Horace George Corles, educated at King Edward VI Five Ways Grammar School, joined the service of the Birmingham Municipal Bank in 1924 and over the years has acquired a very wide knowledge of the savings banks movement and of savings bank work in general.
He is a Branch Inspector and his practical knowledge, together with his discerning and helpful character is a valuable asset to the Bank, as it will also be to the Institute, on his election to the Council by the Committee of Management of the Birmingham Municipal Bank.
Mr Corles is keenly interested in Rotary and is a member of the local National Savings Committee. He qualified as an Associate of the Institute of Bankers in 1935 and subsequently became an Associate of the Savings Banks Institute.
Essentially a family man, Mr Corles delights in the company of his fellow men and his social activities are varied, with a particular interest in the work of his local church and a more than passive interest in the choral society.
(SBI Journal - May 1970)
April 1st 1971 to March 31st 1974: J W Hoccom
Joseph William Hoccom brings a varied experience to the service of the Institute.
He joined the Birmingham Municipal bank in 1939 and after war service qualified as an Associate of the Institute of Bankers in 1949.
Mr Hoccom then transferred to the City Treasurer's Department and later to the Municipal Allotments Department. During this period he qualified as an Associate of the Institute of Municipal Treasurers and Accountants.
He returned to the bank as assistant accountant in 1964 and was appointed assistant general manager in 1969 and deputy general manager in 1970. He is a Fellow of the Savings Banks Institute.
Mr Hoccom is married with a son and two daughters and, as might be expected from his past career, his interests lie in all aspects of accounting, including the use of computers, and, by way of complete contrast, in growing good wholesome vegetables in considerable quantities.
(SBI Journal - May 1971)
April 1st 1973 to March 31st 1976: N C Goddard
Norman Charles Goddard joined the staff of the Birmingham Municipal Bank on leaving school in 1930 and has progressed in his career from junior to senior branch manager, then to branch inspector, with a recent further promotion to head office superintendent.

The only interruption to his bank career came with the outbreak of hostilities and from 1940 he spent most of the war years with AA Command, served in India subsequent to his being commissioned and was demobilised in 1946 with the rank of Captain.

He was a keen sportsman in his youth with Rugby football and tennis as his main activities, but tends now to be content with regular visits to the Warwickshire County Cricket Ground at Edgbaston during the season.

As a past member of the Branch Committee, Norman is looking forward with anticipation to a term of office on the Council.
(SBI Journal - May 1973)
April 1st 1974 to March 31st 1977: J E Ager
John Edward Ager commenced his career with the Birmingham Municipal Bank in 1938, after leaving Waverley Grammar School, Birmingham.

His bank service was interrupted by the outbreak of war and he volunteered for the Royal Air Force in 1941, serving in various parts of Europe before his demobilisation in 1946.

After his return to the bank, he served for fourteen years on the management committee of the staff association, for most of this time holding the office of honorary treasurer.

He qualified as an Associate of the Institute in 1949 and was appointed branch manager in 1960 followed by promotion to branch inspector in 1972. From 1st April 1974, when the bank came under the jurisdiction of the new Birmingham Metropolitan District Council, he took up a new appointment as chief superintendent/personnel officer.

A married man with two sons, he has a wide variety of social interests, and has been a lifelong supporter of Birmingham City Football Club.
(SBI Jounal - May 1974)