Forms and Documents
The Bank's systems employed a large range of forms and documents.
The majority of the forms were identified by a reference number that was preceded by the letters MB.
The following list is far from complete, but gives an indication of the variety of documents employed.
Form Title or Purpose
New Account - Minor below 7 seven years of age
2 New Joint Account (Either Signature)
3 Postcard requesting Depositor to attend Branch
4 New Society Account
5 New Society Account
6 New Society Account
8 New Account - Person unable to write
9 New Account - person unable to attend the branch
10 House Purchase: Insurance Advice
12 Daily Credit Advice to Clearing
13 Withdrawal Receipt
13S Withdrawal Receipt re Purchase of Shares
14 Withdrawal by Minor Under the Age of 7
16 Withdrawal Receipt (Joint Account)
17 Deceased Depositors: Statutary Declaration
18 Society Account Withdrawal Receipt
19 Society Account Amendment
20A Withdrawal by Person temporarily unable to write
20B Third Party Withdrawal Form
21 Daily Cash Return
22 Withdrawal (by post) by Person temporarily unable to write
23 Letter to Depositor re Postal Withdrawal
24 Branch Transfer Form
25 Branch Transfer Form
27 Index Card
28 Nomination
29 Nomination
30 Deceased Depositors: authority of HO to make payment from A/c
31 Deceased Depositors: Claim Form
32 Deceased Depositors: HO Instruction re payment
33 Specimen Signature Form (eg Receivers & Attorneys)
34 Nomination: Notice of Acceptance issued by Head Office
35 Nomination Revocation
36 Nomination: Head Office acknowledgement of Revocation
39 Annual Balance?
41A House Purchase Interest Allowance: 4½% mortgages
41B House Purchase Interest Allowance: 4½% Equated & Solihull quarterly mortgages
42 Stationery etc Requisition Form
43 Lost Pass Book: notification by Depositor
44 Application for House Purchase Advance
45 Notification to Branch re Granting of House Purchase Advance
48 Notification to Branch re Fire Insurance Premiums to be Debited
49 Notification to Branch re House Purchase Advance Paid Off
52 Daily Attandance Sheet
53 Report Form (to HO) re Assistant Officer transferred
54 Annual Return of Cheques received
58 HO Sanction for temporary custody of Branch Keys
63 Daily Cash Return (Evening Branch)
64 Receipt: Cleaners' Wages & Petty Cash
65 Petty Cash Analysis
66 Notification to HO re repayment made on a House Purchase A/c in Arrears
67 Monthly Recapitulation Return
69 Inventory of Furniture
71 Extraction Pad - Deposits (Hand Branches)
72 Extraction Pad - Withdrawals (Hand Branches)
73 Reconciliation Statement - Interim Balances
74 List of Balances (at March 31st)
75 Standing Order for Mortgage Repayment
76 Home Safe Agreement
78 Annual Home Safe Statement
79 Advice by HO that a Nomination is not registered
97 Monthly Report of Reducing Mortgages in Arrears
106 Bank Tenants: Rental Receipt
107 Monthly Return to HO: receipts from Bank tenants  (Rent & Water)
116 Certificate by Branch re Date Ledgers Balanced
118 Half-yearly Return to HO: Receipt Stamps Used
121 Extraction Summary Sheet
122 Extraction Summary Sheet
130 New Joint Account (Both Signatures)
131 List of Direct Transfer Scheme Credits through National Savings Scheme
134 BUPA subscriptions - list of payments debited to accounts
137 Cashier's Receipt for Cash Received from Branch Manager
141 Withdrawal by post
143 Deposit slip
143S Deposit slip re Sale of Shares
147 Return to HO: Deposits from Clearing Dept (Half-yearly return)
149 Cashier's Receipt for Cash Received from Branch Manager
153 Cashier's Cash Analysis
155 Exchange Forms re Scottish & Irish Notes
180 Certificate by Branch re House Purchase A/c to be discharged
181 Instruction to Branch re House Purchase Account transferred from another Branch
188 House Purchase Reconciliation Statement - Interim Balances
200 Instruction to Branch re new House Purchase Account
House Purchase Repayment Slip
223 Purchase/Sale of Stocks & Shares
224 Purchase/Sale of Stocks & Shares
232 House Purchase Interest Allowance: list of credits
236 Notification to HO re Registration of the Death of a depositor
237 Standing Order for Mortgage Repayment
239 Monthly Report of Equated and Class 'B' Mortgages in Arrears
242 Standing Order Authority
243 Standing Order Authority: Safe Deposit Rental
244 Request (by post) for 'M' A/c Cheque
247 Extraction Form: House Purchase Interest (Hand Branches)
248 Extraction Form: House Purchase Fire Insurance Premiums (Hand Branches)
255 Daily Record of Cash Exchanges
258 Cheque Request (over the counter)
Annual Balance?
270 Weekly Return to HO of sales of National Savings
271 Standing Order for Gas, Water, Electricity & Rates Accounts
272 Notification to Department or Board re new Standing Order
273 Notification to Department or Board re cancelled Standing Order
275 Withdrawal Form: Standing Orders
276 Amount Received for Gas, Electric, Water, Rates accounts
277 Amount Received for National Savings (NSC; NSS; PSB)
278 Return to HO: Deposits from a Works Branch
281 Credits from Clearing Dept
281A Credits from Clearing Dept
283 Credits from Clearing Dept
284 Joint Account Specimen Signature Card (Either Signature)
285 Joint Account Specimen Signature Card (Both Signatures)
287 Friday Transactions Return (later: Monthly Statistical Return)
288 Letter to Depositor re Home Safe on a Dormant Under £1 Account
290 House Purchase Interest Allowance: 4% mortgages
291 House Purchase Interest Allowance: 4% Equated mortgages
292 School Savings Scheme (Weekly Return)
297 School Savings Scheme
298 Depositor's Authority re BUPA Standing Orders
300 School Savings Scheme
304 Cash Book - Works Branch
305 School Savings Scheme: Annual Return
307 Notification to HO of Closure of Dormant over £1 Account
310 Coupon Stock Certificate
313A Coupons in Stock at the close of business
315 Summary Form re Education Department Allowances paid
323 Request to Transfer Account from a TSB
324 Covering Letter to TSB re MB 323
325 Weekly Return to HO of sales of Premium Savings Bonds
327 Premium Savings Bonds: Stock Return
328 Foreign or Colonial drafts, cheques, etc sent to HO
329 No 2 Dept: New account & transfer authority
330 Advice to Clearing Dept of Account Number for notification to Employer
330A Advice to Clearing Dept of Account Number for notification to Employer
331 Death of a Depositor who is a party to a Joint Account
338 Standing Order Authority
339 Standing Order - Credit Form
340 Standing Order - Debit Form
341 Standing Order - Notification to Head Office re Cancellation
342 Daily List of Standing Order Credits
342A Daily List of Credit Transfer Credits
343 Letter to Depositor: Standing Order unpaid due to insufficient funds
345 Standing Orders: letter to recipient re unpaid S/O (Insufficient Funds)
345A Standing Orders: letter to recipient re unpaid S/O (Cancelled S/O)
348 Standing Orders: notification of account transfer
349 Withdrawal Form: Credit Transfers
350 List of Credit Transfers paid by authority of MB349
351 List of Credit Transfers - PO Giro
352 Credit Transfer Form
353 Interim Balance Form
354 Total of Credit Transfers received (per MB 342 & MB 342A)
357 Daily Return re amount of Housing Acts repayments received
360 Amendment to Standing Order
361 Transfer Form - reimbursement by HO of Public Health Dept Payments made
362 Daily amount of payments made re Public Health Department
364 Stocks & Shares: Depositor's Authority re Purchase
368 Stocks & Shares: Depositor's Authority re Sales
Depositor's Authority to send Travellers' Cheques & Foreign Currency through the post
Monthly Total of Credits and Transfers (to agree to values on reverse of MB 67)
378 Return to Clearing Dept of unapplied Credit
379 Letter to other Banks advising re Credit Transfer delayed in transit
380 Daily amount debited to Branch Account 19 re EDA Payments made
381 Transfer Form - reimbursement by HO of EDA Payments made
382 Application for conversion of a Sole Account into a Joint Account
386 Claim for Travelling Expenses
389 Request for Giro Transfer
390 Cash Requisition
Forms & Documents: