'The Crump Affair'
Auditors' Reports
(3) November 8th 1924
The Crump Affair

AGAR, BATES, NEAL & C                                                                                             II0, EDMUND STREET

CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS                                                                                                     BIRMINGHAM


                                                                                                                                                             8 Nov 1924


The Chairman of the Committee of Management

Birmingham Municipal Bank



Dear Sir


Duddeston Branch Defalcations

Second Supplementary Report


In the course of our examination of the Depositors' Pass Books in connection with the above, we observed in the ledger account for Hilda Titcombe No 3654 (which had a deposit 9th September 1924 of 7.5.3) which appeared to us to call for investigation in face of the fact that the Depositor referred to had never previously deposited more than 4d. at a time.


When we received the Pass Book it showed a credit balance of 3/7d. only, whereas the Ledger account  gave a credit balance of 7.8.10 so that our suspicion regarding the above named entry of 9th September of 7.5.3 was well founded in view of the fact that Crump had used Pass Book No 3654 for the Duddeston & Nechells Ex-Service Men's Club for the amounts referred to in our supplementary report 4th November 1924, 83.1.6 and 78.9.9. This Pass Book, as stated in our supplementary report of 4th November 1924, is not forthcoming, although we have seen the receipt for it which Crump gave to Dormer of the Ex-Service Men's Club.


We have now obtained the Municipal Bank Counter Record Sheet for 9th September 1924 on which there is an entry as follows:


                                   Account No                Amount          Depositor's Name

                                        3654                      7  5  3                D & N Ex.


Crump himself posted this item to the Ledger account of Hilda Titcombe in spite of the fact that such name did not appear on the Counter Record Sheet. Had another Member of the Bank Staff performed the duty of posting to the Ledger, the discrepancy between the name of the account on the Counter Record Sheet and the name in the Ledger would have revealed itself, and is further evidence in support of our recommendation of 24th October 1924 "Subsidiary Item No 1. Division of work amongst Staff".


In order that Pass Book No 3654, Hilda Titcombe, could be certified by us as agreeing with the Ledger account at 3/7d for this number and name, we have transferred 7.5.3 from that account to a Suspense Account in the Duddeston Ledger until the whole matter can be cleared up.


The revised summary of misappropriations will now stand as under:


            Case    No 1               20  -  -

                       No 2                123  10  -

                       No 3                200  -  -

                       No 4                169  13  11

                       No 5                   10   - -

                                               523  3  11


            Defalcations re Ex-Service

           Men's Club as per

            Supplementary Report

           4 Nov 1924                            181  11  3

                                                           704  15  2


            Case No 6 re A/c

           Hilda Titcombe                      7  5  3

                                                           697  9  11 plus interest & adjustments.


At this stage you may be glad to have our report of the Duddeston Branch Pass Book examinations up to the present date. Below we append it:


Total Pass Books examined to

           7th November 1924                2946   representing in gross amount  132586  19  11


Total Pass Books not examined         2450                           do                                     4255  19  7

                                   Totals              5396                           do                               136842  19  6


Of the 2946 Pass Books examined 2164 had each a balance of 5 and over representing a gross amount of 131229  0  0


Of the 2450 Pass Books not examined 49 only had each a balance of 5 or over representing a gross amount of 2376  10  1


Of the 2401 Pass Books not examined each had a balance of less than 5 representing a gross amount of 2079  9  6


Yours faithfully,


Agar, Bates, Neal & Co